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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 18, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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it is on saturday so folks will be off the road, let's hope. snowing in to culpeper and a few flakes in la plata, and northern neck down to leonardtown and not far from newland and fredericksburg if you are going down 95 south. everything is moving to the north and east. it will cross 66 shortly and spread to the metro area. you have some time to do air errands. it is not going to be all of a sudden a blizzard but it will be heavy after 11:00 tonight. let's go to the computer. winter storm warnings encompass the eastern seaboard from southern new england to the state of maryland and north carolina. that will continue through tomorrow night. a little wider view shows a tremendous amount of moisture coming our way. this is the storm we showed you video last night of flooding in the southeast. now, all of that moisture will run in to cold air and bam, you have got a huge huge storm. so, that's the deal with this storm. enless amounts of moisture and
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already a supply of cold air that's already in place. now the storm potential, 12 to 20 inches in the immediate metro area. ironically enough, less to the north and west, six to 12 in the mountains but that is still decent snow. and six to 12 for maryland but that is a huge snow for you. if you are south of town already snowing now. if you are north of town may take a while. heaviest on the day in saturday. could be a top ten dc snowstorm, could be number 7 and another pounding on the beaches. that's a huge problem. winds won't be as strong as the storm at the remnants of ida but still a very, very strong storm. and kind of a slow moving storm. currently, the cold air is in place. 34 downtown. 33 -- 37 leesburg and 32 manassas. as the precipitation begins to fall, temperatures will fall in the 20s as the snee gets
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heavier after midnight. again, you can do some errands up until 11:00 at night. we ask you to go to our website at you can check out my blog. i have tips what to do before, during and after the storm and we want you to go and fill out a storm report. snowfall amounts. we need people to measure it. temperature, road conditions and e-mail us a picture. we will put your pictures on the air and there will be a photo gallery on our website. get it to our website and we will get it on the air or on the web for you. again 12 to 20 inches but i have a bull's eye i will show folks in a bit with even more snow. that's coming up. >> we have a short window of opportunity right now. >> thank you, topper. now that we know what's coming we want to look at how you are getting prepared. we have reports from around the legion and a look at how this may stack up against the biggest snowstorm to hit our area. we begin storm alert coverage with peggy fox in virginia.
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>> vdot storm trucks have been out trying to get ahead 0 the storm. pretreating ramps with liquid magnesium chloride with a layer of salt over the top too to prevent ice from forming. on primary roads putting down salt brine. >> we will bring in crews at midnight. about 1,000 trucks. >> reporter: to help them do their jobs they are asking residents to keep their cars off the roads and in depriveways if they can. >> the main concern for the storm is tomorrow. if folks are going out in the morning we expect deteriorating conditions throughout the day so we want them to be aware when they come back in the afternoon the situation may be worse. we want folks to stay off the roads if they can. it is easier for crews to treat the roads when there's not a lot of traffic on them. >> the folks in front royal, virginia are used to getting prepared for big snowfalls. >> i live on the warren clark county line and i'm up on one of the ridges. so i have to make sure i have
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plenty of firewood and food. >> she says snow kills business. >> it is really hard for businesses because it's been slow any way. so this was the weekend we were counting on. >> reporter: a pain for the adults, but for the kids a big snowstorm maybe an early christmas present. in northern virginia, peggy fox, 9 news now and i'm scott broom in maryland where governor o'malley is predicting he will declare a state of emergency before the weekend is over and the rest of us are playing beat the clock against the snow. while road crews were pretreating overpasses with an ice-busting salt water mixture, it appeared the rest of maryland was trying to pack a weekend of holiday preparations in to one busy friday afternoon. >> absurd. >> there were traffic jams in mall parking lots. no place to put the car and check this. a gas line at this costco that reminds you of the air of oil
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embar bogey in the ' 70s. >> we have snow panic and last- minute christmas shopping going at the same time. >> reporter: highway yards were mostly quiet today. crews sent home at midday to rest for what's to come. at the state highway administration's nerve center they have been put on alert by the governor for the possible of a state of emergency. scott broom, 9 news now. i'm armando trull at ronald reagan airport where crews are standing by to clear away the snow from the runways and airlines are being accommodative to passengers making last-minute changes. most airlines are allowing passengers on flights to the affected cities in the northeast to change their tickets free of charge. while some flights have already been cancelled. >> flight wise we could see a change coming from the airlines tomorrow if they decide to cancel flights to keep this plane out of the trouble until the storm ends. that's why passengers need to check what's their flight doing before they leave the house or the hotel. metro says it will operate
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on a normal schedule on saturday. >> many of our buses will operate on emergency routes or main roads and avoid subdivisions, side streets or cul-de-sacs. the rail side, we open at 7 a.m. and close at 3:00 a.m. at reagan national, armando trull for 9 news now and i'm bruce leshan in northwest dc. city officials started the day thinking this was the kind kind of storm they dealt with before during the term of mayor fenty. all of a sudden they are looking at an historic storm and dealing with major, major snowfall. >> blizzard of ' 96 is right. >> if you have been here for a while there are certain storms you will never forget. >> have a snowplow. >> a snow who, do they have any? >> january ' 96 is one. dc smacked with 21 1/2 inches of snow. major know the pressure is on to keep the streets passible.
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the city has hundreds of shiney trucks standing by and 40,000- tons of salt. >> snow like trash. everyone deals with it. so, absolutely. it's an issue that will affect every citizen in the district of columbia. >> might be a good idea to gobble some hot chili and a half smoke and prepare for the worst. >> are you here for 2003. >> yes, i was. >> reporter: were you stuck in your neighborhood forever. >> yes, i was. >> reporter: bruce leshan, 9 news now and >> oh, yeah. fun stuff. here's what you can do at home tonight to get ready for the storm. make sure you have enough batteries for flash lights, radios, battery-power pd games and toys and have blankets on hand in case of a power outage and cover windows and spaces around the doors to conserve heat. later comes the digging out. so locate the shovels and snow removal equipment now and make sure that is in working order.
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spread salt and kitty litter before the snow begins and once the snow starts to fall shovel periodically to keep walkways around the property clear of snow and plenty of breaks, too. turns out a lot of people didn't have those basic supplies or even groceries. so as with any big storm there was a run on local hardware at grocery stores today and it is still going on tonight as a matter of fact. we have more on in the rush for last-minute supplies. >> you know, it has been busy here at this hardware store since they opened at 7:30 this morning. they are completely out of shovels and children's sleds. word is they are getting more in the wee hours of the morning if you can get out of your neighborhood to come here and get one. the hottest items were things to deal with the cold and ice. >> a little ice melt so apparently it is not going to do much for a foot of snow.
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>> how about a shovel. >> i wanted to upgrade. >> if you didn't come early you were out of luck. >> last one until 3:00 in the morning. >> the arrival of storm's delivery truck is as much anticipated as santa. >> you have a shovel, oh, yeah. the kids will help out. >> maybe not all kids. >> how are you doing? >> doing good. stocking up like everybody else. >> reporter: at the giant store in falls church it was all about snow supplies and snacks. >> i have to have something sweet after i eat so i will be stuck in the house and need plenty of sweets. >> it will take more than bonbons to weather this storm. >> bread, eggs, orange juice. >> it's been out of control. out of control business. >> we are well staffed won't find any problems. we are good to go. >> we will probably be out of commission for at least four or five days. >> thank you. >> reporter: a storm this big
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can only mean one thing at the spinelli house. >> can i peek in your cart? i see tackry mix, a couple of cases of corona. what's going on over there. >> having a party? i enjoy the snow. it's great. thank you. bye-bye. have a merry christmas. >> and sur ray, speaking of christmas, this snowstorm is jeopardizing my christmas shopping. how about you. >> oh, you bet and it is always good to pass the time having a party, right, audrey. >> i want to go to her house. i have made a date for tomorrow if i am there. >> time to check on the rush hour as people try to get home or of course last-minute shopping before the snow starts to fall. patranya bhoolsuwan is in the 9 news now traffic center. that's right. a lot of people are excited about the snow but driving in it is another story. if you are heading out tonight or tomorrow, please be extra careful but right now we are dealing with the friday rush. as you can see 270 is stop and
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go in many spots including here approaching clarksburg and in to downtown frederick. no accidents to deal with. jump on the beltway and see how things are looking. easing up in to virginia and maryland here. and in to maryland, right now, inner loop from route 7 to i- 95. close to an hour commute. so a lodge drive for folks heading home this friday night and wrap it up with drive times. this is what is startling. westbound is lower than eastbound. all afternoon long, i think a lot of people are doing christmas shopping tonight. >> and everything else with the snow boots and snow pants. thank you. 9 news now will be on bright and early tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. with the latest weather and traffic conditions and any closings of course. plus, we'll have an extra half hour of news tomorrow night at 7 p.m. we'll be on the air, as necessary, to bring you updates throughout the weekend and if you can't watch us, you can
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tune in. six radio stations in our hear will carry our storm coverage tomorrow morning and they are on the screen -- and with sure to log on to throughout the storm. you will find links to the winter weather forecast and radar with all the latest news, warnings and closings right there on our home page. check it out right now at topper is getting new information on the storm's track. he will joan us with an update when 9 news now continues. and an historic piece of legislation was signed in the district today. it would legalize same-sex marriage. we'll have the story when 9 news now returns. 
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show you live doppler minus. it will envelope the metro area in the evening hours. the heavy activity until after mid knight but three to five inches is possible overnight. get errands done and get a lot of videos for the kids and buy
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extra wrapping paper. if you are smart enough to shop you can spend the time wrapping presents. there are a lot of cancellations to tell you about tonight. one is at the university of maryland. the school cancelled the campus wide commencement ceremony tonight night at the comcast center. university officials say they will do everything possible to make sure individual college graduation ceremonies can be held on sunday as scheduled. they will make a decision by 8 a.m. sunday morning. for a list of cancellations look at the bottom of the screen right now. we are updating the list moment by moment as they come in. looking at other stories in the news right now, mayor fenty signed an historic bill legalizing gay marriage. numerous supporters were on hand for the ceremony at all souls church in northwest washington. congress has final say on the matter but that did little to
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dampen the enthusiasm today. big tax news from virginia. governor kaine is asking lawmakers to end the state's car tax forever. he says it would be replaced by a 1% income tax increase. and staying in virginia now, the verdict is guilty for a man who was arrested for being naked inside of his own home. he is 29-year-old eric williamson. passersby spotted him nude in his home an called police. authorities charged him with indecent exposure arguing he wanted to be seen in the buff and today the judge gave him a suspended sentence. coming up, driving in the snow can be dangerous. we will find out what you need to do in case of a snow driving emergency. plus, topper returns with the full forecast as he is checking the latest on the winter storm. keep it right here. last year, when you bought a new subaru
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during the share the love event, you helped us donate almost $5 million dollars to charity. i chose meals on wheels because i believe in food for all. i chose habitat for humanity. our pets are our kids. we chose the aspca. we're sharing the love again this year. because giving back feels good. get a great deal on the subaru outback, motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year and two hundred fifty dollars gets donated to your choice of five charities.
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hello. my name is darryl khine i'm currently serving in southwest asia. this greeting goes to my family in woodbridge, virginia. merry christmas, happy new year. i miss you very much and i love you and hope to see you very soon. welcome back. just stay home. that's the best advice from aaa as that monster storm heads this way, but if you must venture out don't go it alone. aaa says make sure your tank is always at least half full and keep items like a blanket, shovel, salt pellets and ice scraper handy and be sure to remove the snow and ice on the car. check your tire tread, drive slowly and know your break brakes and if you are stranded
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keep with your car because it is easier for rescuers to find you. people are going out for the basics. >> the snow is moving in pretty quickly. here's the forecast first. the next three days he was a snow tomorrow. in fact near blizzard conditions tomorrow. temperatures 32 and falling during the day. we have lightning bolt in there you will hear thunder snow and can lay down incredible amounts of snow. the bulk of the storm ends tomorrow night. 35 on sunday. 36 on monday. maybe a shower, a snow shower for the redskins game but not a storm. bread-o-meter, yes, the first time i can remember i have ever put a ten on it. an historic storm competing with me blizzard of ' 96 and the blizzard of 2003. tonight cold snow developing. temperatures 25 to 32. winds increasing 10 to 20. show you live doppler. you can access this via the web at this is a classic doughnut echo. we will see the ring go all the
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way around town and kind of swallow us up and that's what happens when you get these big systems coming your way. moderate snow in warrenton is starting to accumulate in catlett and cromwell and the shenandoah valley and moving to the northeast. it will cross in to fairfax in the next hour. already snowing in woodbridge as you head down 95 and it has been snowing in fredericksburg for some time. snow in southern maryland and you folks may be the bull's eye. , benedict to wall core. , i know it is unusual but you may be the bull's eye. we will talk art tomorrow morning, four toking ainchs in the morning. by afternoon an addition am four to six inch unless the afternoon. highs 25 to 32 and falling. there's the stripe we showed you earlier. 12 to 20 inches. here's the bull's eye. 15 to 25 inches through the met tremendous area by early saturday night. so top six snowstorms, i think really we will be kind of flirting with five and six here. number seven is only 14.4
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inches. i think we will beat that one and move in to 7th place but we could flirt with the storms of 2003 and ' 96. satellite-radar picture combined. tremendous amount of moisture caused flooding. all of this moisture will run in to cold air. that spells near blizzard conditions up and down the eastern seaboard from dc to philly and long island. we will talk about a nor'easter on the way. snowfall, heaviest is 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. looking at temperatures in the 20s. well south and east may see a mix but snow during the day on saturday and blowing and drifting snow is possible. check on the elderly, the pets. they need water and the water will freeze so bring the pets in. take the sump pump and the gutters. -- check the sump pumps and the gutters. 35 on sunday, maybe a snow shower on monday. 40 on tuesday. little better on wednesday. maybe plain old rain on thursday and not bad for santa, 48 on christmas day.
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we will be right back. with more coverage. stay tuned.
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don't forget we are on tonight at 11:00. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. and topper the you will be with us throughout the winter storm. >> we are talking to 15 to 25 inches. an historic storm. >> we may have to add to the bread-o-meter. >> we might. have a good night, it's the 2 day sale at toys "r" us!
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tiger woods and reported mistress number five, the nude photo allegations. >> she had taken pictures of tiger woods naked. while he was passed out. drunk. >> "e.t.'s" tiger investigation, could the alleged pictures get released? and jamie jungers' new tiger admission. plus, which rumored mistress is about to strip down for money? jon and kate's divorce becomes official. how will they split their reality riches? tonight's real or rumor, has reese gone into hiding after her split with jake? how melanie griffith got a black eye. and has madonna's man packed on the holiday pounds? no way. valerie bertinelli and weight-loss miracles. incredible then and now transformations. and the jonas brother expected to say "i do" tomorrow. as we look back at 2009


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